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Why would I choose a custom made service when there are so many ready suits available at department stores?

Authenticity – A custom made suit is unique and one-of-a kind. The sense of pride of walking into a gathering where no one can guess which designer label you’re wearing is both worthy and pleasing.
Everlasting Elegance – Where any off-the-rack designer label suit will lose its value after one season and gets dumped into the ‘sale’ basket, your custom suit can be worn after years and still hold exceptional value of class and elegance.
Perfection – There is no need of further emphasis on how readymade suits almost every time need pinches of alterations here and there; and not always the very suit that matches one’s taste come in the size needed. A custom made suit is designed to fit one’s body with perfection!

What is your price range? And how does it compare to a similar quality suit at a retail store?

The price of an off-the-rack suit may sound like a good deal. However, consider how many times and for how long can that suit be worn, especially if it’s a “Sale” or “Off season” item. A custom suit is a long term investment of style that never gets outdated! At Laxmi , our vast collection of fabrics bears a price range from RP.5,5 million onwards creating great flexibility in terms of budget.

How do I care for my suit? Do I need to take complicated precautions?

As fine products need extra care, so does your suit! This does not indicate a set of strict rules that needs to be cautiously followed. Simply, ensure that your suit doesn’t go through too many dry cleaning sessions unless needed and store them in airy places, uncovered.

How much time does it take for a custom suit to be completed?

It normally takes a week for the first fitting and then 4-5 days for completion. We do have an express service depending on the season for sudden orders with a nonnegotiable quality promise. A special rate is applicable to this service.

Can my Laxmi Suit undergo alterations?

Laxmi made Suits have adequate extra fabric cut into the suit for future alterations.

Can I make a consultation appointment and get my measurements taken at home?

Yes! Prior appointments can be done via telephone and our cutter is at your doorstep.

How many fittings will I need, once my suit comes in?

After the initial measurements stage, typically your suit will require 1 or 2 fittings before completion.

Can Laxmi Tailors create my entire wardrobe?

Yes, your request may not be uncommon as many desire a new wardrobe after a certain lifestyle change. For instance, weight loss/gain or change of career. Our expertise at Laxmi will work with you from scratch to choose and design your full wardrobe from shirts, suits, trousers, tuxedos, ties and the works!

What makes Laxmi Tailors so unique? Why would I choose to custom make here?

The impressive combination of ensured quality in terms of fabrics, style, design and fit combined with excellence in service from cutter to cashier, have won the trust and hearts of many clients. Our clothes are tailored around you, which is why customer satisfaction is first priority!

What kinds of custom made clothing is offered at Laxmi Tailors?

Everything from work shirts to formal dress shirts; from sports jackets to proper tuxedos; from daily trousers to fitting Italian pants; from personal suits to company uniform orders; for men, women and even children!

If I buy my own fabric can you make the suit or shirt for me?

Yes we do accept your fabrics also.

I have a suit that fits me perfectly, can you copy the fit?

Yes this arrangement works with us, though we prefer if you try on the suit in front of our staff so we can improvise and give our inputs. Also the choice of fabric between your sample and what you have chosen may differ in drape so its best to try it and get re measured.

Do working button holes or pick stitching cost extra?

No there are no extra charges to it. We only require more time to have it done.

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