Batik Silk

Traditional Indonesian Luxury

Traditional Indonesian Batik is a UNESCO designated print with particular designs that can be associated with traditional festivals and specific ceremonies. There are certain designs that are historically reserved for brides and grooms, and even royalty. For exceptionally high-quality batik, opt for the print that is dyed onto a lustrous silk material that really highlights the intricacy of the batik print. This can take artisans up to months to create. Tailored shirts crafted out of the batik silk textile are a luxury option that is usually reserved for more special occasions.

Batik Cotton

High Thread Count Cotton Material

Batik is the traditional wax-resistant hand-dyed technique crafted by Indonesia’s finest artisans, resulting in a cloth that has a beautiful kaleidoscope of patterns and colours. Paired with a high thread count cotton material, the batik cotton fabric makes for a tailored shirt that feels airy and comfortable to wear in this humid and tropical climate. Well-dressed gentlemen can opt to dress proper batik up or down, as this versatile print truly works for both business shirts or relaxed everyday wear.

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