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Established in 1949


Exclusive Custom made clothing is an extraordinary piece of art. It is a result of long years learning and dedication paired with a constant strife for excellence. Established since 1949, we have served our loyal clients with gratifying Bespoke ( Custom ) tailoring for Suits and Shirts. 

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am happy about the suits I picked up yesterday. The quality and the services rendered are excellent. Thank you. With best regards.

Mr. Jiro

 It’s extraordinarily well tailored.
Thank you very much. I will certainly make more with Laxmi.

Mr. J P Ellis

Goodafternoon, yes i have been using your services since 2015 and really appreciate the level of professionalism and good service. I have even recommemded your brand to lot of my colleagues and friends here. Thank you.

Mr. Naozad

Hi pa Advani. Saya puas dengan pelayanan di Laxmi. Professional dan saya cocok dgn cutting dan ukuran master.

Bpk Ruddy

I love you guys. You suits are the best I have.
Mr. Anthony Gill

Bpk Suryaman

Hasil dan kualitas jahitan Laxmi Tailor bagus, pelayanan baik dan sopan serta penyelesaian pekerjaan dapat diselesaikan dalam waktu yang relatif cepat. Terima kasih banyak utk bantuannya.

Ibu Ratna

Terima Kasih atas pelayanannya selama saya hampir 3 bulan fitting di laxmi. Saya suka dengan pelayanan yg ramah, dan sopan. Hasilnya pun sangat detail, dan sesuai keinginan saya.. saran saya untuk kedepannya tetap pertahankan dan ditingkatkan pelayanannya dan inovasi2 desain suit agar konsumen lebih punya banyak pilihan ketika membuat suit. Terima Kasih

Bpk Hadi

Servicenya memuaskan, kualitasnya bagus, terutama jahitannya rapih dan keren, saya baca di google Laxmitailor masuk 10 top tailor di indonesia
Terima kasih Laxmitailor

Bpk Levy

As a new customer, I’d say your services are impeccable. Your tailoring is very good n of quality, your deliveries are timely n your prices are reasonable. What more can I say. Thank you

Mr. Mac Yim

Saya sudah berlangganan *Laxmi Tailor* sejak sekitar tahun *1988* sampai sekarang, hal ini karena  sangat puas dengan kwalitas dan service  dari Laxmi Taylor, semoga bisa dipertahankan

Bpk I.G Hidayat

Great Service, makes me look one of the smartest in my industry! Will be ordering more suits soon. Keep up the good work


Thank you for the hand work which has gone into producing my suit. It looks amazing and even better than what I was expecting.


Quality service of outstanding workmanship – love the colour!


Great service start to finish for my two wedding suits! Thanks very much – will be recommending to anybody else who needs a suit, and be returning myself. All the best.


Is great, I am very happy. Thank you

Mark. S

All very good thank

John. F

The quality is brilliant


Thank you sir... was very nice and friendly service... i will share the photo soon once ready


it was awesome! thanks for the wonderful service, will refer others